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Hi, I’m Claire Chadwick

Grab a coffee (or herbal tea…whatever floats your boat) and a comfy seat. Let’s diffuse an oil and chat….


The short version:

I’m Claire. A general goal-getting, life-loving, coffee-drinking, good-vibing wife and Mum to 2.

I believe:

  • laughter is the best medicine, followed by essential oils, movement and good nutrition.

  • that life is way too short and is going by way too fast, so to embrace it all NOW.

  • we should create our own definition of ‘balance’ (hello Green Smoothies one day & Cadbury the next!)

  • that it’s coffee o’clock any time of the day.

  • nothing beats a good book, a hot shower, a good night’s sleep and a long run in the mountains.

  • love can conquer all. I’m forever grateful for all the love in my life.

  • gratitude and acceptance is the key to happiness.

  • we can redirect our path or our fate at any stage in our life. It’s never too late to make a change or move the goal posts.

  • words hold huge power.

  • a life with music, literature, laughter and love is a FULL life. (But hey, throw in a BMW and I won’t decline.)

  • nothing lasts forever…the good and the bad.

  • in collaborating with like-minded people and aligning myself with conscious brands.

My crew and I. 2018.

My crew and I. 2018.

The slightly longer version…

I’m Claire Chadwick. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with my husband Chris and our two young children, oh and our 3 year old Moodle; Latte (who is all kinds of ‘special’ haha). I am Primary School Teacher, a children’s author, a freelance writer and a massively obsessed advocate for wellness.

We live a fairly simple life where health, education, fitness and fun are our family’s priorities.

Chris and I are long distance runners and love exploring this beautiful Earth by foot, oh, and setting some pretty big crazy dreams/goals that keep us honest, hard working and challenged. One of the biggest things that running has taught me….is to find peace, strength & personal growth outside of my comfort zone. This new-found addiction to push the limits and make friends with ‘being uncomfortable’ has also given me the confidence to do this in my every day life; as a Mum, a wife, a teacher, a writer and as a business owner.

I have ALWAYS been drawn towards natural, holistic ways of life (I was that little girl…collecting crystals, burning essential oils, journaling, dreaming of farm life), but as an adult I have been so easily distracted and pulled off track by the glitz, glam, promises and quick-fixes of modern day medicine, and new-age cosmeceuticals. My big ‘ah ha’ moment though was in late 2014 when I ended up in hospital with Meningitis and a non-existent immune system. Since becoming a Mother in 2008, I had put everyone else’s happiness and health before my own and finally in 2014 after a massive few weeks of ignoring an excruciating throat infection, moving house, nursing sick kids, eating nothing but corn chips, takeaway and coffee for 4 days straight and drinking way too much alcohol at a family wedding, oh and doing all of this on very little sleep, my body gave in and said ENOUGH! I can still clearly remember that headache and dizziness and nausea from that virus. I never want to experience that again! The strong medications and pain killers I was put on at the hospital definitely helped ease the symptoms but they left me feeling deflated, depressed and with chronic fatigue. There had to be a better way to heal my body and get some vitality back?

A few weeks after coming out of hospital and still struggling with low energy and feeling constantly blah, Chris came home with a new Magic Bullet (it’s a smoothie maker people….keep your mind out of the gutter haha), a massive box of organic fruits and veggies and a jar of Chinese Therapeutic Supplements, in an attempt to get me well again. That day, I promised myself to get healthy and healed without anymore over the counter drugs or prescription mixes. Yes, I fell off the wagon a few times and fell back into old habits of eating too much of the wrong foods, partying a little too much or running myself into the ground with commitments and responsibilities, but as I get older I’m getting a lot better at listening to my body and respecting it.

In 2016 I quit alcohol, 6 months after my husband did (you can read about it here) and really focussed on nurturing my body and mind. Once I started this ‘healthier journey’ a butterfly effect continued….I started running (and loving it!), eating better, sleeping better, hydrating better, taking time to relax and rest and learn new things and meditate and before I knew it; weight started falling off, drama started decreasing in my life and my mental clarity improved significantly. With this new love of running and fitness, I started to set some crazy (well…crazy to me) big goals. First it was to run 10km, then a half marathon and then I found trail-running and my goals went to a whole new level - in 2018 I completed a 50km Ultra Trail Race through the Gold Coast Hinterland and the 96km Kokoda Challenge also on the Gold Coast. What’s on for 2019? Hmmm…I’m not sure yet…we’ll see where my feet take me ;)

My introduction to doTERRA essential oils was first in 2012 when I was chatting to a fellow ballet-mum about how my children (they were 9 months and 4yrs at that stage) didn’t sleep through the night and how I functioned on about 3 hours sleep per night, between a freelance writing career and two sleepless littles. She sold me 2x bottles of doTERRA oils ( a grounding blend and a calming blend) (and not at wholesale price BTW, like what I can offer YOU!)…. I used them aromatically and topically (onto the bottom of my kid’s feet and spines) and the outcome was phenomenal - I saw massive improvements in their sleep and night-time routines… but I was never educated or made aware of the HUGE diverse and varied list of uses these oils had and what else doTERRA had on offer, so I left it at that. Fast forward to late 2017 when I started spending a lot of time running the local trails and mountains with a group of beautiful friends - one of them was a doTERRA wholesale customer and had a huge bank of knowledge on these oils. Whenever I’d complain about an ache or pain or ailment or sickness within our house she would turn up on my doorstep with an oil or blend to assist. When she introduced me to doTERRA’s OnGuard and I saw how quickly it turned razor blade sore throats to completely non-existent within 12 hours, diminished chest infections, shrunk infected insect bite sores or skin scabs AND could act as a kitchen cleaner, hand sanitiser, lunch box scrub and body wash (plus more)….I was SOLD! I was amazed that one tiny bottle could replace our multi-vitamins, first aid kit, cleaning products and immune-boosting-supplements. I had to get more oils and get to know them better. The rest is history and now I’m here…educating YOU about these pure gifts from the earth, supporting you in making healthy changes to your lifestyle AND working alongside you as you set and reach BIG dreams! Coz all of that excites me!

My favourite little people. And the reason why I dream big, work hard and do what I do.

My favourite little people. And the reason why I dream big, work hard and do what I do.

Random facts about Claire:

  • I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. My family of 5 (I’m the youngest - the stereotypical spoilt one haha) moved to Australia in the 80’s.

  • I’ve ALWAYS (for as long as I can remember) dreamt of being a writer/author. How amazing is it that we now live in a lifetime where we have so many platforms to write on/to/for.

  • I eat red capsicum like an apple. Whole, crunchy and delicious!

  • I drive my family nuts by constantly talking about gut health and bone broths and oils…but they also secretly love that I’ve got their health and wellbeing HIGH on my radar.

  • I have a weird addiction to Turmeric. It gets put into pretty much every meal, smoothie, recipe possible.

  • I’m allergic to cats but my husband & I had two for over 10 years, and I just put up with the hives, sneezing & watery eyes on a regular basis because those 2 cats were like children to us ;)

  • I’m terrified of snakes but am happy to run through thick forests, single track trails, long grass, creek crossings and up mountainsides. I just tune that fear out for most of the run.

  • I HATE flying. But will get on a plane, because it means travel and opportunity and freedom and adventure.

  • I love raw food - I actually crave tuna or salmon sashimi regularly and love good quality beef carpaccio.

  • I’ll give most foods a try while traveling (but keep my Digest Zen handy, just in case haha).


“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished.

Tell about it.” Mary Oliver

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