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So, you've received your oils! Now what?

When you become a doTERRA customer via me, you become a member of our 2x tribes (The Healthy Happy Co. & The Path to Wellness), which means you’re being supported, loved & nurtured in ensuring you’re using your oils daily, feeling confident in how to best incorporate them into your home and absolutely loving them! My role (and/or the leader who enrolled you) is to support and assist YOU in your oily (health & wellness) journey!

Once you receive your first order of oils from your enrolment, I send out an email outlining a few ideas to get started in using the oils and a few suggestions of resources I use, love and recommend. However, I know emails get lost, filed, deleted, forgotten at times, so I’m sharing a similar version of that email here in a blog post for your referral….

how to use doterra essential oils

So....I'm hoping by now you've experienced that exciting moment when your first brown & purple doTERRA box turned up at your front door and you then had the joy of unwrapping and unveiling the contents. 
I hope you've cracked open each little amber bottle's lid and inhaled the sweet glorious magic of what's inside. If not, please take the time to sit and smell and spend a moment with each oil to really get to know each scent and how it makes you feel (I know that sounds a little woo-woo, but trust me, your body will connect with these oils whether you believe it or not!). This will ensure you are in a position to intuitively pick and utilise these oils as you become an expert of how to get the most use and support from these powerful products.

Whether you enrolled with one or two oils, or you invested in a whole starter kit - it is of high priority to me that YOU get the most value out of your purchases.
doTERRA Essential Oils have changed my life (yes, a dramatic statement - but a true one!) and I want them to enhance both yours and your family's health and wellness each and everyday too! 

You can take control of your health & wellness, starting NOW, by simply integrating these bottles of plant magic into your everyday routines!

what to do when you get your first doterra order

So, you've received the oils, had a good sniff and play with what?  

1. Please be sure to log-in to our team’s exclusive website (you should’ve received an email with your login details) and make the time to read through the modules, as it's here that you'll really be able to dive in and learn all about what essential oils are, why doTERRA is the best most purest wellness brand, how to use them safely (including babies and pregnancy and pets), recipes for home-cleaning, beauty application, diffusing, applying topically and even how to add them in food. There's information on boosting your immune system and managing your stress and emotions with these amazing products! It is a treasure chest of information and education and resources, and only available exclusively to our team - how cool is that?! You can also access our team’s (free) upgrade account which is a full business training program that will teach you exactly how you too can have your own doTERRA business, like myself.  (Let me know if this is something you want to pursue!)

2. Please also join our Private Facebook Groups, which were also included in your Welcome email. These two pages are for our team and our greater tribe to share ideas, information and inspiration to get you living an oily & epically healthy life!   

Available for iPhone & Android.

Available for iPhone & Android.

There’s an App for that!

3. I highly recommend the Modern Essentials App (it's around $10 in the App Store which isn’t that ‘cheap’ in the App World, but so worth it!), as I seriously use this App daily! You simply enter a health or wellness concern/ailment into the App (eg: migraines, menstruation, acne, endrometriosis, sore throat, stress, muscle injury etc) and it will tell you what oils to use and how to use them! It also teaches you the chemistry of each oil and what part of the plant it has been extracted from. It's a game changer in being the alchemist of your own and your family's health!! 

emotions and essential oils book buy in Australia

4. The App mentioned above assists us in using Essential Oils to enhance and support our physical health, but I also adore this book; Emotions & Essential Oils, as it delves into using EO’s for our emotional & mental health. You can buy it in Australia here. This beautiful book looks more deeply into each essential oil and how they can work/trigger/support/realign our emotions, feelings & mental blocks. When I’m drawn to a particular oil in a reoccurring pattern, I look into this book and always have my mind-blown with ‘ah-ha’ moments when I realise the emotions that attract or need that oil, and how uncannily it all makes sense! Also, if a friend or family member (or yourself) is stuck in an emotional rut or pattern, you can make blends using this book to aide, lift and support them.

doterra oils accessories DIY make your own

5. DIY Accessories & Companion Products - if you want to get the most out of your oils by using them on your skin and/or to clean your house, then I recommend you make the small investment early on to stock up on products and accessories that will make using your oils easy, convenient and effective. It may seem like you’re spending up now, but once you have all these products, you can slash your grocery bill drastically by replacing all cleaning products, self-care/beauty products and first-aid items with your doTERRA oils. #winning Not only are you reducing the toxic load in your house and in your body but you’re doing you bank account a favour in the long-run also.

A few accessories & products I recommend you get:

  • 10ml roller bottles so you can make your own topical roller bottles with fractionated coconut oil (from ebay for approx $1 each, or on Diffusional for approx $1.10 each)

  • A pump bottle lid for your fractionated coconut oil (can be purchased in your mydoterra back office under the USA store) or a glass pump bottle from Diffusional for approx $5.50)

  • although I use doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil for all of our dilution and recipes, I do prefer to use Organic Jojoba oil on my face (with some Lavender or Frankincense of course). You can buy this carrier oil (as well as many other types) on eBay or sites such as Diffusional.

  • a glass spray bottle (or several) for your all-purpose cleaners / window cleaners and vinegar.

  • do you plan on making your own balms, soaps, lotions, detergents etc? If so, look around (Pinterest is great) for recipes and see what you may need to buy in bulk (eg: beeswax pellets, citric acid, liquid castile soap.

    Don’t get overwhelmed though - you don’t need to get everything at once! I started with some roller bottles so we could make our own topical blends and then gradually built up a collection of accessories and products as I learned more about Essential Oils and I started to develop a keenness to get all DIY-ee!

6. Set up your LRP Order - (Loyalty Rewards Program) in your MyDoterra account. (Please check Lesson 8 in our team’s website modules that explains the how's and why's of LRP) But I am not lying when I tell you that it's one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs I've ever been apart of - it spits all over the measly FlyBuys I 'earn' although I'm spending tens of thousands of dollars per year on groceries! doTERRA's Reward Program however is super generous and increases every 3 you eventually earn back 30% of your purchases in FREE PRODUCT CREDITS....yahooo!! Plus there is a free product of the month for all orders over 125PV!
Make an oils wishlist in your phone and each month simply edit your LRP order to build up your collection of oils, doTERRA products and also to restock on empty bottles (my family go through lemon and lavender monthly!), and then just sit back and watch those rewards points accumulate quickly! (Psst...I use my points to get the expensive oils like Helichrysum, Copaiba & Franki!) LRP is not compulsory - but it's the BEST WAY to get your oils consistently and get rewarded for it. Plus it's a chance to really get rid of the toxic burden in your house - by trying the doTERRA cleaning products and supplements range! There is no minimum monthly order (one month you may just order an $8 lipbalm or a $13.50 Lemon oil and the next you may stock up on all beauty, household and cleaning products?) (Your monthly LRP just needs to be over 1PV to stay active and keep your discount % level, and all orders of 50PV or over allow you to earn back FREE CREDIT!)

I am happy to explain LRP to you over a call or message, or if you need help setting up your template - just reach out!

((AND FROM the awesome Alice Nicholls, here is a document I created that will walk you through the value I see in the LRP PROGRAM and how to set it up step by step with pictures. OR here is a tutorial in the doTERRA university to show you how to set up your LRP.))

join our LRP club for a free oil

And psst....once you've placed an LRP order each month before the 15th (for any amount!) pop over to this ^ ^ image in our Private Facebook group and comment that you've put your order in. Each month after the 15th I will randomly draw out a comment name for a PRIZE!) Yewww. More free stuff ;) 

Don't forget to look at the eBook's that were in the welcome email from me, especially the 150 uses for the Home Essentials Kit. The doTERRA blog also has some great DIY recipes to swap out your more toxic cleaners and self-care products. And I love love LOVE the ideas, combinations, education and blends on the doTERRA Pinterest page

Basically, my goal is to get you using and loving your oils, because they truly can change your health, home, hormones and LIFE if you let them!

—— AND if you don’t yet have any oils or a doTERRA wholesale customer account, head over here to get yourself a spot on our team and paying the same price we do (25% off!!) Yay, I can’t wait to see your name pop up in my tribe! If you join by following this link you will get ME as your support person and access to our team’s amazing online hangout ——

Claire x