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Get essential oils at wholesale prices

Never pay full price again…

Want to become a doTERRA Customer and get access to 25% OFF? Of course you do!

Here’s how:

1. Click the ‘Order Now’ button or follow this link:

2. Click ‘Join and Save’

3. Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you

4. Click ‘Local’

5. Make sure “Wholesale Customer” is selected (not Wellness Advocate. If you’d like to do the business side then we can always move you to ‘Wellness Advocate’ down the track)

6. Enter your personal information (be sure your email address is correct as this is where all your information & log-ins will come)

7. At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 6628220

8. Click verify (it should then show you my name: Claire Chadwick)

9. Set yourself up with a password

10. Click over to the next page

11. ** Select what kit you’d like to order. ** (see note below) (oh and psst…don’t forget to add Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order so you can use them safely and topically straight away)

12. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Some things to note when placing your order:

– You don’t have to purchase a kit to receive 25% off wholesale prices. You can pay a $35 wholesale membership fee to receive 25% off all of your purchases and add a few oils of your choice to your order to get you started. Once you are a member you are apart of an amazing Loyalty Rewards Program which allows you to build up your oil kit slowly and even get some oils free over time – YAY to this! NOTE: when I first joined doTERRA, I paid the $35 joining fee and ordered a couple of oils. They were delivered within a week and I loved them so much that I ended up buying the Home Essentials Kit straight away as it’s such good value for money. In hindsight, I wish I had just bought the kit when enrolling as it would’ve saved me the $35 wholesale fee and lost time. Trust me, you won’t regret spending up on these kits in the first place!

After you have placed your order:

– You will receive an order confirmation email from doTERRA with your own ID Number and a welcome email from me with your introduction pack that I’ve made to ensure you LOVE and UNDERSTAND your oils, plus an invite to join our private essential oils online communities. (The Healthy Happy Co. plus the Path to Wellness)

– One of the best things when it comes to joining the doTERRA family is the support and community that YOU will get access to. As your oily leader, I will guide you through your enrolment and introduction to doTERRA (I’d love to line up a 30min call with you once you receive your oils to educate you on using the oils safely and how we can cater for any health issues, needs or concerns - make sure to book one in with me). I’ll be sure to hold your hand the whole way so you get the best out of these bottles of magic. You will get access to all relevant resources I have made, accessed, recommended or been given by my leader/s - including the amazing online portal that only our team has exclusive access to (Path to Wellness) - which covers EVERYTHING about the oils and how to use them daily and safely including a zillion resources and recipes and ideas. Our tribe is here to HELP you thrive….in health, in happiness, in business and in all facets of life.


What enrolment kit should i get?

View your options here. We ship worldwide…

What is an Enrolment Kit?

An enrolment kit is optional (you may just choose to pay a $35 enrolment / wholesale account fee) and then purchase a few oils at wholesale prices to get you started (which is FINE!). But I highly recommend you invest your money in buying one of our Enrolment Kits as they provide the most value for money (and the $35 fee is waived) plus you get an instant set of amazing oils that will change your life!

The Home Essentials Kit is one of our best sellers as it comes with 10 x 15ml (full size) of the most used and popular oils PLUS a free Petal Diffuser (alone valued at $77AU). This kit is worth almost AU$600 but you can get it for only $330, which includes enrolment & access to your own doTERRA wholesale account AND a spot on our beautiful tribe (if you signed up under me, as explained above). I started with the Home Essentials Kit and still swear by it! Once you join my team and receive your kit, I will provide you with the resources and know-how about this kit and how to get the most use out of each and every oil to enhance your life.

However, there are several different enrolment kits available, check them all out here to see which one best suits you and your needs. We also ship WORLDWIDE, so be sure to check out what’s on offer in your country and currency:

Why doTerra?

Click on the image to learn why doTERRA is the ONLY option when it comes to using Essential Oils.

Are you a teacher, childcare professional or parent and are looking at ways in which to incorporate Essential Oils into your classroom, home and life?! Download my FREE eBook which is loaded with ideas, recipes & switches for non-toxic alternatives, that create clean, healthy and inviting learning spaces:

Click on this image to download YOUR FREE copy of this 13 page eBook.

Click on this image to download YOUR FREE copy of this 13 page eBook.


Claire x