If you’re like me and originally thought the only use of Essential Oils was to make a room smell good, and to exude the ‘hippie-life’, then you’re not alone. Although this is definitely one of the easiest and most-beneficial ways to use Essential Oils, there are a multitude of ways to get the most out of these oils (and your HEALTH!).

The 3 main ways to experience and use Essential Oils are:

  • Aromatically

  • Topically

  • Internally

Want to understand these 3 methods more deeply? Let’s break them down…

  1. Aromatically:


Diffuse in a room to purify the air, or change/enhance an emotion. Simply put 3-10 drops of essential oil per 150ml water in your diffuser (this will last between 2-4 hours).

Ensure rooms with babies and pets are well ventilated by opening a window or door.


We highly recommend just cracking open a bottle and taking a moment to take a few deep breaths in and out.


Add 1 drop with at least 2ml carrier oil, to you hand, rub together and smell.


Create spritzers of essential oils, emulsifier and distilled water (you’ll get some DIY Recipes when you join our tribe, including where to buy the bottles and resources very affordably).

Adding a drop to your pillow: This is a great way to drift away to sleep. We recommend Lavender, Cedarwood, or Vetiver for this.

Lava Bead Jewellery

This is a beautiful and practical way to enjoy your oils. The lava bead can hold the scent of an oil for up to a week. A favourite oil to use this way is Wild Orange; an uplifting blend that is also known as the oil of abundance.

2. Topically:

Topical use of dōTERRA essential oils is highly recommended. The skin is our largest organ and it loves these oils. Topical use can help to promote softer and glowing skin.

Diluting essential oils in a carrier oil actually helps the skin absorb the essential oil more effectively. Apply to skin and massage into the desired area to help the blend of essential oil and carrier oil carry into your body.

Remember, although essential oils are safe to use, they are very potent, so it is important to use safely. Dilution ratios are important - especially when using oils on children, babies and people with sensitive skin.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils enhance safe, slow, steady absorption of the essential oil, enhance the shelf life of oils and avoid oils from evaporating on your skin.

To dilute your oils, you may choose to use almond, jojoba or dōTERRA fractionated coconut oil.

Fractionated coconut oil has consistent sized molecules that are the perfect size for carrying the essential oils into our bodies. This allows the oil to soak straight in, always remains runny and does not stain. Other oils may have inconsistent molecular sizes or molecules that are too small or too large.


(Per 10ml carrier oil)

  • Adults: 5-9 drops essential oil/s (2-3% dilution). For smaller amounts, 2ml carrier oil for 1 drop of essential oil eg. using Frankincense on your face in a 2ml squirt of your carrier oil

  • Children 1-5 years: 1 - 6 drops essential oil

  • Children 5-12 years: 1-9 drops (1-3 drops is safest)

  • Babies 0-12 months: 1 - 3 drops essential oil (1 drop is safest). Apply to the most permeable areas of your body: groin, head, back and front of the neck, chest, stomach, back, arm, fingers, legs and bottoms of the feet.

3. Internally:

Using oils internally is the most controversial usage method. The main reason for this is because there have not been many companies that provide oils that are safe enough to consume.

As mentioned earlier, dōTERRA puts a huge amount of effort into quality assurance through sourcing the highest quality plants and then testing the end product. It is because of this that we know these essential oils are safe to consume.

In saying that, we need to remember that essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than herbs. If you do choose to consume these oils it needs to be done with the utmost respect, caution and awareness of what it is that you are putting into your body.

It is also vital that you constantly check-in with your body. If something is working for you one day but suddenly seems different another, you will need to make appropriate adjustments.

Many (but not all) dōTERRA oils can be taken internally. They are graded (due to their purity) for food and cosmetic use (FDA approved and imported as food grade).

The quickest way to double check which oils are safe to use in your food is to check the bottle itself. If it is from the American market, the bottle with have supplement facts and if the bottle is from the Australian market it will say “for flavouring use”.

Consuming in Water

1- 2 drops of essential oil (Lemon, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, Lime are some of my favourite water flavours)

500ml water or sparkling water

You can also add to a smoothie or hot drink (with ½- 2tsp MCT Oil or coconut oil as an emulsifier), or in food. It helps to eat something with nourishing fats (coconut oil) around the same time.

In Cooking

In cooking, use 2-3 drops of essential oils eg. Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove, Coriander/ Cilantro, per 1 tsp of extract, spice, lemon zest, herb etc in the original recipe.

Do not consume Ice Blue, Tea tree & Easy Air (from Home Essentials Oils)

Liquid Medicine

Mix oils into a carrier oil like coconut oil and consume.


Using empty veggie or gelatin capsules; add 2-3 drops essential oil into the narrow end of the cap, top up with olive oil or MCT oil, close the cap and swallow. Gel capsules will be digested by your stomach acid and fluids. Enteric coated caps are best to bypass the stomach and reach the lower gut.

Oil Pulling

Add 1 tbsp coconut into your mouth with 1-2 drops essential oils. We recommend using On Guard, Oregano, Lemon, Clove or Peppermint.