The top 10 oils that every human & every home needs!

These 10 oils cater for 80% of my family’s needs. They’ve transformed our life…

I always encourage people to start their oily journey with a Home Essentials Kit. It’s not a necessary requirement, you can start with just one oil if you wish, but it’s definitely the best way to get the 10 most common and used oils with as much value (huge savings) as possible. Starting with a kit also waives our $35 membership fee.

Let’s dive into each oil and I’ll share just some of the MANY ways these oils can be used:

  1. Lemon Oil:

(aka Sunshine in a Bottle) One of our most used oils in my home. We clean with it, diffuse it, put it in water to drink, add to baking/smoothies, make air fresheners with it & use it to boost our immune systems!

using lemon essential oil


2. On Guard:

My hands-down all-time favourite oil blend, as it is one that I SEE with my actual eyes the way that it works in supporting mine and my family’s health! We clean with it, diffuse it, make IMMUNE BOMB rollers with it and add it to hot cacaos and porridge.

Uses of OnGuard Oil.png

3. Peppermint:

I’ll be honest, I underestimated Peppermint when it arrived in my first oil kit, and thought we’d never use it. But….we’re now going through a bottle almost monthly. Don’t underestimate the power of this potent beauty! (A drop under the tongue before a run - umm…game changer in opening the airways!, half a drop to hot water for peppermint tea, 8 drops to my amazing BLISS BALLS recipe, diffuse it for an epic afternoon pick-me-up, a couple of drops into the toilet bowl…smells gooooood)

Get to know Peppermint Oil.png

4. Lavender:

This oil has transformed my husband’s sleep quality like nothing else! After year’s of suffering insomnia, he now sleeps the best he’s ever done….thanks to a few drops of Lavender Oil in a DIY pillow mist spray, diffusing it while we sleep and massaged into the skin. But it’s uses don’t end there…. “when in doubt, get the Lavender out!”

Lavender Oil.png

5. Tea Tree (Melaleuca):

Another oil we’re going through regularly, as it’s amazing on both pimples and eczema. It’s great for warding off sore throats and ear infections and for ridding smelly exercise gear of odour when washing. Tea Tree has become a go-to for all things ‘first aid’.

All About Tea Tree Essential Oil.jpg

6. Oregano:

Another oil I didn’t think we’d use very often, however the more I researched it and saw the powerful benefits, the more we now lean into this oil. Oregano is super high in antioxidants which means it can support the immune system and body’s ability to heal and fight off free radical threats naturally. Do your own research into why this oil is referred to as an ‘all natural antibiotic!’

Oregano Oil.jpg

7. Ice Blue (Athletic Blend):

Not just for athletic people - basically anybody with a body can benefit from this beautiful muscle/joint support blend. From kids growing pains to neck and shoulder tension, this oil is regularly used in our home, and replaces the other chemically-laden sports rub brands out there .

Ice Blue Athletic Blend.jpg

8. Easy Air (Clear Blend):

Known as ‘Breathe’ in US market. Throw out the chemically-laden chest rubs that we’ve been told to lather on our children and replace with Easy Air. This beauty has saved us through Cold ‘n’ Flu seasons by opening up our airways and assisted in combatting congestion. Put a few drops in the corner of the shower (not in direct water stream) for an in-shower diffuser and great way to clear out sinus. Diffuse during the night for snoring, coughs, colds and a fresh aroma.

Easy Air Oil.jpg

9. DigestZen (Digestive Blend):

You know that moment when your child comes home from Daycare or School and you know they’re about to explode with gastro?! Yeah, that moment….Ugh the worst! This amazing blend has ‘saved’ us during this moment a couple of times. And when we’ve overindulged out at dinner, or been on a twisty-turny drive and our bellies don’t agree. Basically…..anything poos and spews…this oil has you!

DigestZen Oil.jpg

10. Frankincense

This oil has become my ‘CALM YOUR FARM’ remedy. The overall feeling of calm and safety I get from simply inhaling this oil blows my mind. This oil is THE oil for EVERY human as it truly covers everything from sleep to stress to immune support to brain function to sore muscles…Franki-Boy makes EVERYTHING better :)

what is Frankincense good for.jpg

The Home Essentials Kit comes with all 10 of these oils PLUS a Petal Diffuser. Add in some Fractionated Coconut Oil to your enrolment order and BAM…you have 80% of your health and wellness needs COVERED from this one kit! It also works out a HEAP cheaper to buy this as a kit, instead of each oil individually. doTERRA have packaged this kit together so it is loaded with value.

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