Why doTERRA?

 If like me, you originally thought essential oils were simply a fragrant liquid for mainly using in oil burners to create a nice smell than (1) you’re not alone, and (2) they are SOOOO much more than that!

As a teen I would read (in Dolly Doctor Magazine…before Internet was a common thing!….am I showing my age?) that Tea Tree Oil was great for pimples and Lavender did wonders for relaxation during exam blocks. So I would buy $2 bottles of ‘these oils’ from the local ‘cheap shop’ and boil them in my candle burners and even apply them directly to my skin. I wondered why they didn’t magically clear up my skin and why the scent gave me headaches, instead of calm. Little did I know that these ‘essential oils’ were in fact NOT pure or organic or even real. They were cheap synthetic versions that were purely made for fragrance purposes, and in no way were therapeutic, medicinal, healthy or ‘from the earth’ like I believed.

Fast forward to 2012, my second child was almost a year old and was not even close to sleeping through the night. I was almost 5 years into running on 3-4 hours broken sleep per night (as child number one was also not a big sleeper). A fellow ballet mum who was a pharmacist introduced me to some doTERRA oils and explained how I should use them to assist both my baby’s and child’s sleep. After trying EVERYTHING (from sleep school to white noise to diet to new bedding etc) finally I had found something that soothed my littles in the evening and supported them in sleeping deeply for longer periods of time. HOORAY!!! However, I wasn’t ready (or smart enough!) to look more into these oils and how they could be used in all areas of my life.

UNTIL….. I ended up in hospital in 2014 with Meningitis and a non-existent immune-system from basically running myself into the ground physically and mentally and putting everyone else’s happiness and health before my own. The medications I was put on during this recovery time definitely helped manage the pain, but I didn’t like the way they made me feel emotionally. After a few weeks of slow recovery, my husband came home one Saturday afternoon with a new Smoothie Blender (Magic Bullet), some Chinese medicine herbal supplements and a big box of organic fruits and vegetables and we decided it was time to heal me from the inside - naturally. Since then I have been so passionate about natural solutions and using food and exercise as medicine. The power of Essential Oils was just a natural follow-on from all my research and where my new wellness passions lead me.

I compared several ‘well known’ oil brands before committing to doTERRA, but the decision was fairly easy, because…


I love that doTERRA do vigorous testing on all their products and hold such high standards to ensure their oils are 100% pure (you only get the plant extract…no additives, extras, fillers, preservatives, synthetics or perfumes added). (Learn more here) TICK! I also LOVED their sustainable sourcing model. doTERRA ensures that farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically through their Cō-Impact Sourcing initiative. This initiative seeks to develop long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with all farmers and harvesters while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. (Learn more here) TICK! I felt confident with their Compensation Plans - doTERRA have an amazing income system if you choose to go down the path of creating your own oil business! There are five different ways you can earn with doTERRA when you start your business, like what I’ve done. TICK! And lastly, doTERRA have created the Healing Hands Foundation which is committed to partnering with organisations that improve lives by offering hope to millions around the world. For example, doTERRA creates partnership such as one with Operation Underground Railroad, where 1.5 million dollars was donated by doTERRA to fight child sex trafficking in Thailand. This is just one example of the countless projects that are taking place around the world. The generosity of doTERRA is incredible and I feel very blessed to be aligned with this company, their beliefs and the work that they do. TICK!!!


There is no governing body over this industry, meaning any company can put basically anything into a bottle and sell it as an “all natural 100% pure essential oil”. Scary huh?! This is why some essential oil brands have a disclosure on their bottles in tiny writing saying something along the lines of “do not consume and do not apply to the skin”. Umm…if it’s pure plant extract than I should be able to put it on and in my body! doTERRA however only provide CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) stamps on their oils and are 100% transparent by providing extensive quality reports on every single bottle and batch. Almost every doTERRA oil is safe to be applied topically and many are safe to ingest!

Investing in mine and my family’s health in a natural way is a no-brainer for my husband and I. We’d rather put our hard-earned money into a bottle of organic earthy goodness that can be used for multiple conditions and purposes to support our health, home and wellbeing compared to spending triple that amount on medications, cleaning products, preventatives, toxic chemicals and doctor’s appointments.

I encourage you to make the switch, and see just how amazing doTERRA essential oils can be. Contact me with any questions or queries in regards to using oils, joining my team, getting your own wholesale account, starting your own essential oils business or making your life healthier and happier!

Ready to get started with your own oil collection? Head here & let’s dance!